How do we right the ship?

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How do we right the ship?

Post by Hayes#21 on Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:12 pm

Ok Gens fans! I have seen some posts regarding our play. I am not disputing any of the posts,....but what are the answers?

What do we do for game three? If we lose game three...I think we are out in 4 straight. We have to win both at home.

My question, right now, is how do you get these boys to get on board? They were not emotionally in the game yesterday. I saw 5 players most shifts, doing whatever they wanted. Sloppy , disorganized, and trying to be a hero. That was probably the worst passing I have seen from our team all year. Is there a reason we are not body checking anyoyne?(unless from behind????)

No dis-respect to Barrie, as they earned the win, but the team they faced yesterday, was not our best team.

Our we already mentally defeated?

The only positive out of that game, is Daniel , is playing stronger everygame...but the rest of the team is getting colder??? His saves should have been somewhat motivating and it didn't seem to phase the guys at all.

So is our biggest weakness defense or offense? I am interested to see what our fans think.


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