Oshawa at Kingston

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Oshawa at Kingston

Post by core33 on Sat Nov 23, 2013 5:05 am

Oshawa wins 5-2. Great road win, both teams played well, Oshawa finished their chances and Alts stood tall.

Now the bad - the Kingston broadcast...

- Mack Lemmon never played in the west or the other conference!! He's been in the east the whole time announcers.

- Oshawa got off to a slow start?? Twice was mentioned, 2-2 start with 3 road games with no #21. Id take that anyday of the week especially for a team that .500 would have been great season record.

- missing period faceoffs, cutting off the intermission interviews numerous times.

- Sterk/Polesello penalty, Kingston anouncers said Polesello going to the box for getting punched, hmm pretty sure after Sterk hit him, Pol hit him back in the head (and they stated they weren't homers!) Sure if Pol didn't hit him back hes has full right to say that.

- and of course mixing up the Generals players out there, but that's not uncommon for announcers and visiting teams

- and they got some trade details wrong in the first intermission, but did correct themselves later in the game.

As an Oshawa fan, I like our tv crew and obviously its not easy, I just hate mistakes, at this level of broadcasting I don't think there should be many.


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Re: Oshawa at Kingston

Post by StingRay5 on Sat Nov 23, 2013 1:53 pm

I tried to listen to the audio broadcast last night. I keep missing the name of the announcer. Nice guy, very new at the trade.......

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