Possible Landing Spots for "Available" Rentals

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Possible Landing Spots for "Available" Rentals

Post by Macker88 on Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:46 am

With all the rumors surronding who's going where and who's buying and selling, I'm gonna throw in my two cents, and predict where the top available guys are going to end up. I'm basing my analysis on rumors, word of mouth and my contacts throughout the league. I'm no GM, but been involved with hockey at a high level for quite some time so I have developed some reputable contacts.

Trevor Carrick (D) - Mississauga Steelheads
Oshawa, Barrie, Erie & Soo Sault Marie
Carrick is a 94 born defenseman, who is drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes. He's likely to be in the AHL next season with the Charlotte Checkers. With Mississauga likely finishing 6th at best, and not having a real strong core capable of winning a round or two, its likely they'll sell of some assets, that aren't likely to return next season. Carrick would be a great fit in Oshawa. Oshawa is lacking a a top 4 defenseman who can play on both specialty teams as well as log heavy minutes. It's no secret Oshawa is looking for a defenseman, Slater Koekkoek is likely carrying to steep of a price tag, Trevor Carrick would be a great constellation prize. Barrie, Carrick's younger brother is currently the Colts 7th defenseman on their depth chart, which for me really means nothing more then a foot note. I mention that because some have used this as a reason why he'll end up in Barrie over other places. GM's simply don't care about trading for family. With that being said Carrick would be an upgrade over every defenseman currently on Barrie's roster with the exception of Aaron Ekblad. If the Colts are serious about going for it again this season, they definitely need an upgrade on the back end. Erie, has made their big move up front acquiring Brendan Gaunce from Belleville, now its there time to make a move on the back end. Is the move completely necessary.. No, but the bottom pairing in Erie is fairly young and adding a guy of Carrick's Caliber makes a lot of sense, especially after Guelph made the trade for Ebert and Rychel. Erie has a lot of picks and several young players that could be shipped out to upgrade on the back end. Soo Sault Marie, I see them as the real wildcard here, like the Generals they have been the real shock of their respective conference, are they really primed for a deep playoff run.. No, especially with Erie and Guelph upgrading. But if they feel they can compete an win a round, possibly two, they may make a move to this degree. Carrick would definitely strengthen they're core as Darnell Nurse is they're only real point producing D-Man.
Favorite - Erie Otters

Dylan Smoskowitz (C) - Mississauga Steelheads
North Bay, Oshawa
Smoskowitz is an overage player, so right away the amount of teams who could be in on him are minimal. North Bay, isn't exactly a power house, but with the East being as wide open as it has been in years, it wouldn't surprise me to see them making a play for a player of this caliber. The Battalion have captain Barclay Goodrow as one overager, they recently acquired Ben Thomson from Kitchener and he's their 2nd overager, their 3rd is Mike MacLeod. MacLeod's best season was last year, putting up 39 points in 63 games, to date this year he has 12 points in 29 games. The Battalion are strong on the Wing, but could use help down the middle, which is where Smoskowitz comes in. Last season Smoskowitz had 33 goals and 22 assists for 55 points, this season to date he currently sits with 16 goals and 7 assists for 23 points in 29 games. Smoskowitz is a tough player to play against, strong on the PK and in the face off dot, and has a knack of finding the back of the net. Oshawa, they currently only have 2 overage players, they wouldn't have to move much for this kid, but they'd get back a 30 goal scorer with playoff experience, who has all the attributes needed to succeed in the playoffs. He'd strengthen their depth down the middle, and although it might be in a 3rd line role, I'm sure he'd see some special teams time. A little tidbit to add, Oshawa's OA Brian Hughes isn't exactly an untouchable, so even if the Gens did acquire Smoskowitz it wouldn't shock me to see them add another OA with more to offer then Hughes.
Favorite - Oshawa

Clark Seymour (D) - Peterborough Petes
Oshawa, Barrie, Kingston

With Peterborough currently sitting at 11-16-0-3, good for 7th in the East, the Petes are likely again going to be sellers, they have a solid core that should be returning next season, but this year they'll likely be swept in the 1st round of the OHL playoffs, thus why I have them as sellers. Clark Seymour was some what surprisingly sent back to Junior by the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, likely because of there organizational depth on the back end. Seymour is an AHL caliber defensemen, he's physical, he blocks shots, he fights, makes a strong first pass, handles the puck pretty well for a big man and has a rocket of a shot, although he's not know for his offense. The Market for Seymour is likely to be small, simply because of the fact he's an OA. The typical landing spots of London, Guelph, Erie, Saginaw, Kingston and Barrie are all unlikely because of the OA factor. I do have Barrie and Kingston on the list, although I see Kingston as a very long shot and Barrie as a bit of a long shot. Barrie's OA's are Mitchell Theoret, Zach Hall & Tyson Fawcett, Fawcett is clearly the odd man out, but he's having a really good an effective season so it's hard for me to see them moving Fawcett to acquire a D-Man when they're are others out there. Darcy Greenaway, Matt Mahalak and Michael Moffat are the Fronts OA's, Moffat would be on his way out if Seymour was to come in. Although I don't see Seymour as a huge upgrade over Moffat, so it doesn't completely make sense to me. Although Gilmour has made some questionable moves to this point an I just get the feeling that Seymour would be on his radar. Oshawa, yes the arch rival Generals, if this was the NHL you likely wouldn't see arch rivals as trading partners, but this being Junior hockey it could happen as long as both teams benefit. Oshawa is in the position of strength here because of their OA opening. If I'm the Generals this is they guy I want, Seymour paired up with Brown or Suellentrop would give the Generals the best shutdown pairing in the OHL. Seymour's price tag will be a lot smaller then a Carrick or Koekkoek, especially given his OA status and the limited trading partners.
Favorites - Oshawa

Joseph Blandisi (RW) - Ottawa 67's
Sudbury, Barrie, Soo Sault Marie, London, Erie

Ottawa is another Eastern team who is likely to make the playoffs, but occupying a very low seed, thus making them sellers in my mind. Rumors are Ottawa would like to host the Memorial Cup in 2017, if they indeed are gunning for that, it makes sense to sell of a guy like Blandisi. He's a Colorado Avalanche draft pick, he's highly skilled, a great skater and is likely to be in the AHL next season. He'll bring a young roster player or a couple higher end draft picks. Blandisi had 51 points last season split between Owen Sound & Ottawa, and this season currently is a point per game player. Sudbury, they have the talent to make a deep playoff run.. I mean Eastern Final/OHL Final deep playoff run. But they need to add a top 6 forward in my opinion. Their first line of Campagna, Baptiste & Pancel is hard to contain, Connor Crisp and Dominik Kubalik could definitely use a skilled winger to only strengthen Sudbury's forward core. The Wolves have the stock to trade for a guy of Blandisi's skill and he makes a lot of sense there. Barrie, there another team who could definitely use a top 6 guy if they really wanna contend. I see them bowing out in the 2nd round if no upgrades are made. They have a strong 1st line and an incomplete 2nd line. They're a winger away from having a strong makeup of skilled top 6, grind it out bottom 6. The Soo again are a darkhorse, they have to know there in very tough to make it out of the West this year, but if they feel they have a shot, there going to need to add an offensive scoring forward to there top 6, without one I feel they have no chance. They wont have to pay as much for Blandisi as they would a Brady Vail, Radek Faksa or Ryan Hartman so to me Blandisi makes sense in the Soo.. if of course they go for it. London, why not right... they have to do something. Seriously though, I know they'd prefer Vail, and in my opinion they'll likely get him, but Blandisi would be a great fit in London. He plays a feisty game which the Hunters love and he'll come cheaper then the top guys they're currently targeting.
Favorite - Sudbury

Ryan Van Stralen (LW) - Ottawa 67's
Oshawa, Barrie

Van Stralen is an interesting guy, he's an overage player so again interest will probably be minimal. All the current power houses have OA's occupied by very import parts of their team, Oshawa is very lucky to be as successful as they've been with just 2 OA's. Van Stralen has improved every season, currently he has 12 goals and 16 assists for 28 points in 27 games. He stands 6'3 and weighs 207, the kid can put the puck in the net and he can play a tough game, and isn't scared to drop the mits. He's on pace to be a 30 goal scorer this season. He's a guy a smaller team like Oshawa could greatly benefit from come playoff time. For me he'd fit in well on a line with Cassels and Sterk, allowing the Generals to have Smith play with Latour and Hughes on the 3rd line. Barrie makes some sense to me as well. I mentioned previously that their 3rd OA Tyson Fawcett has been effective in his role, I won't retract that, but I will say Van Stralen would be an upgrade in the same role, an in that case, It would make sense for me for Barrie to make a move like this. Given Van Stralen has 30/35 goal potential it would be a perfect upgrade over Fawcett for a minimal amount
Favorite - Barrie

Garrett Hooey (C) - Belleville Bulls
Sudbury, Barrie, Oshawa, North Bay

Hooey has been mentioned in loads of rumors lately, and that's gotta be attributed to his play and of course Belleville's poor start. Hooey is undrafted and born in 94 aka a prime candidate to be an Overager next season. Which makes for an interesting case, Hooey has improved every season since being drafted, he currently sits with 27 points in 27 games, the same total he put up last year in 68 games. Would Belleville trade him, or hang on to him for next season, as they are bound to be much better next year. Hooey plays a physical game, mixed with a skilled game, he can agitate his opponents, but stays out of the box. He would be a great add for any of the teams I mentioned. Oshawa has been attached to Hooey for years, first the year he was drafted, then when Sarnia made him available. He would be a good fit, as he could play in the top 6 no problem, he's also spent time on the wing, so shifting him over is no big deal. If Oshawa was to acquire another top 6 caliber player he has the style of game that would still be effective on the 3rd line and as a penalty killer. Considering he's likely to be around next season it may cost Oshawa more to acquire him then it would another Eastern Conference team, since Belleville and Oshawa compete in the same division. Again Barrie also has to be in the mix as they're searching for a top 6 guy. Like I mentioned Hooey can play a 3rd line role, which would give Barrie some line up flexibility as they have similar players to Hooey in Lemieux and Labanc. Sudbury would be a great fit for Hooey, even if they got Blandisi, He would then slot in as the number 2 center, pushing Connor Crisp down to the 3 center where the Wolves feel much more comfortable with him. Sudbury could offer someone like Matt Schmalz, Jacob Harris or Danny Desrochers along with a mid round pick for Hooey and they should be enough. North Bay for me is a dark horse here, if they feel they can compete in the east with a couple roster upgrades I think Hooey is one they make up front. Hooey fits in with what Butler does in North Bay and formerly Brampton. He's a 200 foot player and Butler loves that, I can definitely see them targeting him, but they need to upgrade that make shift defense core first and foremost.
Favorite - North Bay

Cameron Brace (C/RW) - Belleville Bulls
London, Oshawa, Barrie

Brace is a top talent, that's a give... but again being an OA, it makes him difficult to deal at this time of year. I have Oshawa as a possibility mostly for 2 reasons, there current OA opening, and the fact they where rumored to have already acquired him before the deal with Belleville went through. He's what Oshawa needs, he's a veteran with Playoff & Memorial Cup experience, he's averaged 30 goals & 65 points the last two season. He can play in all situations. He gets you the most bang for your buck in my opinion . Barrie, He's a clear upgrade over Fawcett, and clear upgrade on the 2nd line. It gives them depth they haven't had this season and gives them more scoring, which they've lacked, they have only 4 more goals for then the last place Icedogs. London, well they're rumored to get Koekkok and Vail so a defenseman is going to be moved, Its not gonna be Zadorov, Bell, Mermis or Bender, so that leave Austin or Basso. Basso and Austin are also OA's so even more reason they'd move one. If they do indeed acquire Koekkok and Vail from from Windsor, look for them to move Basso or Austin and use the open OA spot for a forward like Cameron Brace. The Hunter's where in on Brace while he was still in Owen Sound, but where unsure how to use their OA spot because of the uncertainty at the time regarding Horvat, Zadorov & Maata.

Favorite - London/Oshawa *Sorry Can't narrow it down.

Jake Worrad (D) - Belleville Bulls
North Bay, Oshawa

Given his OA status Worrad likely won't attract many suitors as many teams willing to give up OA spots will be only willing to do it for more elite OA's. North Bay's horrid defensive situtation gives me reason to believe they'd move out Matt MacLeod for an upgrade on the backend. I doubt it would take much to pry Worrad from Belleville given his situation, I could actually see MacLeod going for Worrad with a mid to late round pick also involved. Oshawa, well really only if they fail on Clark Seymour or Carrick, if they add a D, especially an OA D-Man i doubt they have any interest in Worrad. But if he's all that's left, he's still an upgrade in their top 6.

Favorite - North Bay

Scott Simmonds (LW) - Belleville Bulls
Oshawa, Mississauga, Peterborough

I really only see him going to a team like Oshawa. An by like Oshawa I mean a team with an open OA spot. He's a solid third line player, can play PK time and can add some offense. He has 9 points on 4 goals and 5 assists thus far this season in 24 games. If I'm a contending team like Barrie where Fawcett is my 3rd OA or Brampton where MacLeod is my 3rd OA or even Soo Sault Marie where Watling is their 3rd OA, I can't make a trade for Simmonds as he's not an upgrade. He's just as good, but why make a trade for someone just as good. If Simmonds is moved to a contender, it will be the Generals. If he's moved to a team likely to make the playoffs but not a true contender, I can see Mississauga being in on him. Mississauga only has 2 OA's listed and Smoskowitz is likely to be moved so there is room for him with the Steelheads. If Peterborough is to move Seymour or any of there OA's they might think to add someone like Simmonds who has playoff experience and could help the club in there playoff run, however short it may be.

Favorite - Mississauga

Luke Mercer (D) - Niagara[/b
Oshawa, Barrie, North Bay, Kingston, Soo Sault Marie

There is lots of speculation surrounding Luke Mercer, although with how much Saginaw had to pay for Jesse Graham some teams have been scared off. Mercer makes sense in lots of places, one being Oshawa, although I do feel there are better fits, as you'll soon see. Oshawa could definitely use a true Power Play quarterback, Mitchell Vande Sompel has done an admiral job thus far, but come playoff time, having a veteran who's been through the playoff grind is huge. Not to mention having 2 successful power play units makes a team that more lethal. Mercer would fit in nicely in the Gens top 4 over Chris Carlisle and Mitchell Vande Sompel. Barrie is also looking for a power play catalyst to play along side Aaron Ekblad, with Ekblad likely gone to the World Juniors their need is even higher at this time. He'd fit in nicely in the Colts top 4 as well, but would likely cost one of the teams younger D-Men. North Bay's defense core is in shambles, every D-Man available makes sense for the Battalion, but Mercer more so then others, he's not an OA, he's a power play specialist an he has playoff experience. He'd come relatively cheap and he's likely to return as on OA which will help keep the Battalion D-Core some what intact next season, an not make them return to having a make shift d-core. Kingston has a solid 6 but I don't think Gilmour is content to go into the playoffs with Ryan Hutchinson or Matthew Watson as their 6th D-Man, so its very possible they decide to make a deal where they bring in Mercer. The Soo again is a dark horse, I really feel if they decide to go for it, they're gonna make some surprising deals. Mercer would fit perfectly into their lineup at this point.

[b]Favorite - Kingston

Eric Ming (RW) - Niagara IceDogs
Oshawa, Barrie, Peterborough, Mississauga

Ming, finds himself in a position that quite a few do on this list, he's an OA. So like others his options are limited, which also means his price tag is lower. He's never been a real big point producer, but this his OA season he is currently on a point per game pace split between Niagara and Kitchener. Ming is a hard player to play against, his specialty is the rough an tumble 3rd line grinder type game. He's been getting more ice with Niagara this season and its a big reason for his point increase. This guy is what every team needs come playoffs, he'll likely see some 2nd PP time and some PK time on any team that picks him up for the playoff run. On a Memorial Cup caliber team he's a 3rd liner, so for teams like Oshawa and Barrie if they want this overage player, hopefully they've upgraded positions of need with 94's and 95's. Oshawa could definitely use Ming's physicality and playoff experience. He's a guy that would fit really well on their 3rd line. I'd target him over Van Stralen depending on if they add a top 6 scorer. As far as OA forwards I have Brace, Van Stralen, Ming then Simmonds. Ming plays a very similar game as Fawcett in Barrie, however I think he has more to offer, Barrie might deem it not necessary to add Ming because of the similarity with Fawcett, but none the less, he's a player Barrie could use. Mississauga might want to pick up this guy if they feel they have a change at a first round upset, even after trading a guy like Carrick. He'd get similar ice time in Mississauga as he does in Niagara now and could be most beneficial to Ming himself in his quest to become a professional hockey player. I have Peterborough as a long shot here, but they will make the playoffs an may feel the need to add a veteran forward, and Ming has a great playoff style of play that will definitely appeal to the Petes if he's available for them to snag.
Favorite - Mississauga

Billy Jenkins (LW) - Niagara Icedogs
Sudbury, Barrie, Oshawa, Erie, Soo Sault Marie, London,

Yes, I feel Billy Jenkins could help every contending team. He scored 20 goals last season with the Frontenacs, he's producing just under a point per game this season and he has tons of playoff experience. He's a former 2nd round pick of the Niagara Icedogs in 2010. Jenkins is a 3rd or 4th line winger born in 94, which makes him appealing as he's truly a real solid depth player that has experience but doesn't occupy an OA spot. I'm not gonna break down the fit for each team because he would arguably do the same for any team that acquires him.
Favorite - Erie

Christopher Festarini (G) - Niagara Icedogs
Barrie, Mississauga, North Bay

Festarini, the first goalie to make the list. Usually there is at least one OA goalie who is sought after each season, now I can't say Festarini is exactly sought after, but I can say he could be useful to a few teams. Barrie has a young goalie starting right now in MacKenzie Blackwood, him and Daniel Gibl have done an admiral job, but Barrie might feel adding a veteran backup to the mix would be a good insurance policy. North Bay has two goalies in Jake Smith and Brendan O'Neill, both of whom have been pretty good.. but not great, both have save percentages under .900%. Sure Festarini has just as bad of a save percentage but he's playing for a significantly poorer team. He would be an upgrade, but with him being an OA. North Bay would have to move an OA to bring him in. Mississauga I see them being interested because they may very well cash in on Spencer Martin. Martin is a 95 but he is sought after and Mississauga may move him. If they do Festarini immediately become a great fit, as the Steelheads will make the playoffs, but they will need a good goalie to at least compete in the playoff series.

Favorite - Mississauga

Spencer Martin (G) - Mississauga Steelheads
London, Sudbury, Kingston

Martin is not exactly on the trading block, but Mississauga would be wise to listen to offers from contending teams, as trading Martin could set them up well for next season and beyond. Martin is a 3rd round pick of the Colorado Avalanche, 63rd overall in 2013. London's goalie struggles have been well documented, both Patterson & Stolarz are 94 born, Patterson likely back for an OA season Stolarz off to Philadelphia's AHL afffilate. Patterson and picks or young players could get Martin out of Mississauga and solve London's goaltending problems. Sudbury, has Frank Palazzese but his playoff struggles have been well documented as well. It would be no shock to me to see Sudbury go after Martin if they truly feel they could win the East. They have numerous younger forwards and D-Men and even a top young goalie (though I doubt they move him), either way they have the pieces to acquire a goalie of Martin's caliber. Kingston, it seems they hate to stand pat, Mahalak has been good, but not great. Martin would be an upgrade, but I'm not sure the pieces necessary to acquire him would be worth the upgrade for Kingston, as their tradable assets would be much better off being spent other ways.

Favorite - London


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Re: Possible Landing Spots for "Available" Rentals

Post by Macker88 on Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:47 am

I'll be doing the Western Conference's available players tomorrow.


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Re: Possible Landing Spots for "Available" Rentals

Post by jaycro on Fri Dec 06, 2013 8:58 am

Great reading Macker88. Thanks for taking the time!


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Re: Possible Landing Spots for "Available" Rentals

Post by StingRay5 on Fri Dec 06, 2013 4:41 pm

jaycro wrote:Great reading Macker88. Thanks for taking the time!
Exactly my thoughts. Mackers post is the reason I sign up to this discussion board. Owe you a beer for this one.

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Re: Possible Landing Spots for "Available" Rentals

Post by Oshawa fan on Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:31 pm

Macker- Your post is perhaps the post of the year on the board. Great insight and information. Thanks for making the effort it is appreciated. It makes trade deadline watching even more interesting.

On Hooey, some of you will remember that his father, Todd, played for the Gens in the 82-83 year. He was an Oshawa boy. While it makes me feel old I like to see 2nd generation players back with the Gens.

Oshawa fan

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Re: Possible Landing Spots for "Available" Rentals

Post by Macker88 on Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:59 pm

Thanks for the kind words guys, I'm glad you all appreciate my posts.
With that being said, here is my Western Conference "Available" Rental Landing Spot Post. Hopefully it's just as informative as the Eastern Conference Post.

Radek Faksa (C) - Kitchener Ranhers
Oshawa, Barrie, Guelph, Soo Sault Marie, Saginaw

Faksa is one of the big name players "available" in the Western Conference, and has no shortage of interested suitors. But with that being said Faksa is an import, an that does limit the number of places he might end up. Oshawa, Barrie and Soo Sault Marie all have one import spot which makes them likely landing spots. While Guelph and Saginaw do have to imports, cases can be made for them upgrading at the import position. Guelph has Pius Suter and Phil Baltisberger occupying their import spots. Suter is playing a 4th line role with the Storm and in my opinion is expendable. Baltisberger is playing decent minutes with the Storm, but with the addition of Nick Ebert, either Baltisberger or 1st round pick Garrett McFadden will be sitting, so it makes sense to move an import that's likely to me in an out of the lineup for the rest of the season. Saginaw's Import spots are occupied by their back up goalie and 3rd liner Andrey Alexeev. Alexeev has 18 points in 28 games and plays his fair share of minutes, but if Faksa was available to me its a huge upgrade and a no brainer. I don't see the Spirit moving back up Nikita Serebryakov, while he is a backup import, he's likely to return as the teams starer next season and has good numbers this season. As well he'll be the starter while Jake Paterson is away with the World Juniors. Oshawa has been linked to Faksa, I'm assuming mainly because of their import spot, and possibly because the two teams have a trading history this season. It makes sense for the Gens yes, but his cost is going to be relatively high, and I don't exactly think the Gens have what Kitchener is going to want, unless their willing to move Mitchell Vande Sompel. Barrie I think is in a better position then Oshawa to acquire Faksa, as they to have a open import spot and unlike the Generals they do have what the Rangers are seeking, young defensemen and high draft picks. Michael Webster, Josh Carrick & C.J Garcia are probable trade options. Soo Sault Marie again is the major darkhorse, they have an open import spot, an lots of young D-Men, but I feel they're more set up to make a run for it next season, so selling off up and coming D-Man an high draft picks doesn't make the most sense.
Favorite - Barrie

Matia Marcantuoni (LW) - Kitchener Rangers
Oshawa, Barrie, Kingston, Sudbury, Erie & London

I really think Marcantuoni will be a hot commodity in the coming weeks, he's almost 100% assured to me on his way out of Kitchener. He's a very smart two-way player, who can score and play on both special teams units. He's never been a lethal goal scorer, but he's always been a contributor, he's not gonna cost a ransom like Faska may, but he'll be an integral part to any team who acquires him. Marcantuoni is a 4th Round Pick of the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2012. He has 11 points in 20 games to date. I've named 6 teams as possible destinations, I don't wanna go into detail on where he fits on each team, but his versatility could have him fit on all the mentioned teams top 9.

Favorite - 1A. Sudbury, 1B London

Max Iafrate (D) - Kitchener Rangers
Oshawa, Barrie, Kingston, Soo Sault Marie, Erie

Iafrate is a 94 born defenseman who is undrafted or unsigned at the NHL level, he's a candidate to be an Overage player next season, which may bode well for any team that acquires him. His career high in points was 16 in 62 games in 2011-2012. He's 6'2, 219lbs and a former 15th overall pick of the Plymouth Whalers. He's likely only worth a 5th or a couple 6th's.. some where in that range. He would be an upgrade at the 5th and 6th spots with the 5 clubs I've mentioned. I feel Oshawa could benefit from his physical style and veteran leadership. Barrie is looking for an upgrade on their bottom pairing and would likely flip a younger D-Man for him straight up, as adding another D-Man would give them 9 healthy defenseman on the roster. Kingston is probably looking to upgrade there bottom pairing as well, but I'm not completely sure Iafrate is what Kingston needs at this point, but again Gilmour has made some questionable moves, an this seems like one right up his ally. Erie has 2 young defenseman in their everyday lineup and with them likely using most of their higher end picks on another top end forward Iafrate would make sense as he's a big hulking veteran defenseman who can upgrade their bottom pairing for cheap.
Favorite - Erie

Ben Fanelli (D) - Kitchener Rangers
Oshawa, Mississauga, Windsor, Peterborough

Fanelli is one of those over age players who's a useful player and a slight upgrade in many cases over younger roster players. But with him being an OA and only 3 teams having OA openings and only 1 being a serious playoff contender, there won't be to much interest. Oshawa may settle if they get beat out for numerous other OA defensemen, but at this point that's not likely. Mississauga has an opening and quite possibly could have two if they move Smoskowitz. Mississauga's d-core is thin, and may be even thinner if they move Carrick at the deadline. They're likely to finish 6th, so adding Fanelli would at least give them a veteran defenseman and give Fanelli the opportunity at one last playoff run. Windsor sits in almost the exact position as Mississauga does, decent enough team, but not good enough to pose a threat to the top dogs. Windsor currently only has 6 defensemen on their roster, and with Koekkoek likely gone and possibly Didoati as well Fanelli makes sense. He'll help them in a first round series against Guelph or London, as no team wants to get blown away in the playoffs. Peterborough has no OA spots but if they move Seymour, its possible they look to fill his void with another OA defenseman, although I think they're more likely to fill the void with 2nd round pick Cameron Lizotte.
Favorite - Windsor

Gemel Smith (C) - Owen Sound Attack
Oshawa, London, Barrie, Sudbury

Owen Sound is firmly entrenched in 7th position in the West, they'll likely match up with 2nd play Soo Sault Marie or the Saginaw Spirit in the first round (if Saginaw is to catch the Soo). It's possible Owen Sound may actually be able to upset Saginaw or the Soo in the 1st round if they stood pat, but does that really make sense for the future. They'd match up with Erie in round two and likely get swept, and wouldn't have cashed in on several players with trade value. Smith is 4th round pick of the Dallas Stars in 2012, and to date has 21 goals and 12 assists for 33 points in 29 games. He's on pace for 40 goals this season and should be an upgrade for the 4 teams I mentioned. Oshawa actually has decent depth down the middle, but Smith is versatile and can play the wing, he would be a solid addition to the top 6 and strengthen the Gens 1st or 2nd line and both special teams units. In my opinion there is a package deal to be had here with an Attack D-man and it would be cheaper then any other deal that upgrades both the top 6 forwards and the d-core. Sudbury has made it known they're happy with Connor Crisp centering the 2nd line, but also said they'd like to upgrade as Crisp is much more suited as a 3rd line power forward. Smith would perfectly fill this role, and with Sudbury's abundance of younger forwards in their bottom 6 a deal make sense. Barrie like the Gens are looking to add to their top 6th, without subtracting a roster player, Smith won't cost as many picks as Hartman or Faksa or Blandisi so it would make sense. London I think would only be in on Smith if they fail on Vail and Blandisi but London is a place he makes sense.

Favorite - Oshawa

Daniel Milne (LW) - Owen Sound Attack
Sudbury, Barrie, Soo Sault Marie, Erie

Milne was originally a University of Michigan commit, he did play 7 games for the University in 2012-2013 before heading to Owen Sound and giving up his NCAA eligibility. He had 19 points in 27 games last year, and this year to date he has 18 points in 28 games. Milne is a top 6 forward with the Attack, but he projects to be a 3rd liner on a contender. He'll come rather cheap if the Attack indeed wanna move him. He's like worth a 4th or a 5th, and maybe a 10th or 11th thrown in as well. He makes sense in Erie as their bottom 6 is rather young, and lacks some scoring.. although does the Erie bottom 6 really need to score. His two way game would fit well in Erie. Soo Sault Marie to me really makes sense, they don't have to give up much but they upgrade their top 9, potential their top 6. Soo Sault Marie is a top team, but their not expected to win the west, so a huge upgrade doesn't make sense, Milne does, as he adds scoring for cheap. Sudbury as mentioned is young in the bottom 6 and could greatly benefit by adding Milne to the 3rd line. Their bottom 6 also lacks scoring, even more reason it makes sense for Sudbury. Barrie another team that could certainly use depth, I think a more noteworthy addition is needed for them to be successful, but if they strike out on others look for Barrie to be players on Milne.

Favorite - Soo Sault Marie

Kurtsi Gabriel (RW) - Owen Sound Attack
Oshawa, Barrie,

I only see two options for Gabriel, other then staying in Owen Sound. He is an overage player and with Oshawa being the only contending team with an OA spot, it make sense for them. Gabriel is a 6'4 218lbs point per game player. He's a big guy who plays a physical game, and is exactly what the Generals need. He can play any where in the top 9, on both special teams units and has tons of playoff experience. He's also a Minnesota Wild 3rd round pick in 2013. Barrie has Fawcett as their 3rd OA, while useful Gabriel would be a huge upgrade, even if used in the same role as Fawcett. North Bay is in the same situation as Barrie, they'd have to move Matt MacLeod who's they're 3rd OA. But Gabriel would be a massive upgrade over MacLeod so it is entirely possible.
Favorite - Oshawa

Kurtis MacDermid (D) - Owen Sound Attack
Soo Sault Marie, Oshawa, North Bay, Barrie, Erie

MacDermid, could definitely be a sought after Defenseman as he is 6'4 215lbs, a LA Kings free agent signing, plays a physical style game and is 1994 Born. MacDermid brings a lot to the table as a depth defenseman, he's likely a 4th D-Man at best more so a 5th or 6th. If Owen Sound wants to move him, he's likely to pull in a lesser prospect and a middle round draft pick.. maybe slightly higher if the draft pick is 2 or 3 years down the road. The North Bay Battalion could use a player of this nature, they lack a real physical force on their back end and could use another Veteran back there come playoff time. Its known Oshawa is desperately looking for a veteran defenseman and some toughness, MacDermid crosses two off the list, and they'd get him for rather cheap. If MacDermid is acquired its likely going to be part of a bigger deal. Erie makes tons of sense as their young bottom pairing might not be the best idea going in to the playoffs. Barrie like I said before, like Oshawa really wants to add a veteran to the back end. The Soo wanna add without subtracting much, MacDermid is the type that would come cheap and would add to the Soo's lineup.

Brayden Rose (D), Holden Cook (RW) & Kyle Hope (W) - OS

Rose and Hope are OA's they're not the most appealing OA's and with all but 3 teams having their OA positions filled, It's doubtful Hope or Rose move by the deadline. They however are going to be available so I thought I'd add them to the list. Holden Cook is a 94 born winger, who has 24 points in 29 games. He'll likely be one of Owen Sounds OA's next season if he's kept around. There's definitely some interest on Cook, but he's not worth much on the trade market so I don't no if Owen Sound will just give him away for a late pick, as he holds more value to them if they keep him for a short playoff run and OA season in 2014-2015.

Ryan Hartman (C) - Plymouth Whalers
Oshawa, London, Kingston, Sudbury

Hartman is going to take a lot of picks to get out of Plymouth, with Guelph and Erie already dealing several picks, I've cut them out of the running, although anything is possible. London and Oshawa don't really have the picks, in the next year or two, but if Plymouth is willing to take picks down the road, they still have a shot. Kingston hasn't made they huge move yet, and I know Gilmour loves Hartman, he would probably push Kingston over the top, but Kingston is strong down the middle, does the move make complete sense.. No, but he's one of the biggest upgrades still available that isn't an OA or an Import so in that sense Kingston does make sense. Oshawa, Hartman is pretty similar to Scott Laughton, but again with Sterk and Laughton as the top 2 centers, wouldn't a winger be more what they need, Yes.. but if you add Hartman, you find a way to make it work. Hartman could do it all for Oshawa from playing tough, dropping the mits to scoring goals and killing penalty's. Sudbury is in position to make a run this year, and making this move for Hartman would make them my favorite in the East. They have the stock to acquire him and need a top center, Sudbury makes tons of sense. London to is strong down the middle but all their current centers have played the wing before so he would still fit in London, my problem is I don't think London wants to give up Marner and I don't think they have the picks to get him.

Favorite - Sudbury

Gianluca Curcuruto (D) - Plymouth Whalers
Oshawa, London, Erie,

Although many teams could use Curcuruto and probably want him, I think it comes down to 3 teams. Oshawa really wants an impact defenseman, but they don't wanna pay a ridiculous amount. Curcuruto in my opinion is the best fit for Oshawa of all the available D-Men as he can contribute as a PP quarterback, he blocks shots an plays physical and contributes on the PK. He's a smooth skater and makes a great outlet pass. If I'm gonna pay for anyone its him. London is deep on the back end but its been said there in on Koekkoek so to me that makes them a player for Curcuruto as well. I don't exactly see why they wanna upgrade when they have 6 top end defenseman and a pretty decent rookie 7th defenseman. Erie here has the picks and wants a guy exactly of this caliber, if they really want they could trade Raddysh or Dermott as part of a package for him. To me if Erie gets this guy.. the OHL is wrapped up.

Favorite - Erie

Carter Sandlak (LW) - Plymouth Whalers
Mississauga, North Bay, Oshawa, Windsor

Sandlak is leading the Plymouth Whalers in scoring this year with, 16 goals and 8 assists for 24 points in 26 games. Outstanding.. no, not really. Good and helpful as a depth forward on a contending team.. Yes. Problem is, he is an OA so Oshawa is really the only landing spot. You have to imagine though they're going to fill their OA spot with a more useful forward though.. no offense. Mississauga and Windsor have OA spots but they're not conference contenders, they will be in the playoffs and will need depth guys to have a competitive showing. Which makes Sandlak likely to head to one of these teams if he is indeed moved.

Favorite - Mississauga

Nick Malysa (D) & Zach Lorentz (LW) - Plymouth Whalers

Like I did with Owen Sound, these guys are OA's and available but aren't much of an upgrade to playoff contenders, so I don't see them likely to move any where. Lorentz an Malysa do have tons of playoff experience and if I was really struggling for an upgrade at forward or defense I'd look to these guys in Plymouth before I went to the Owen Sound guys.

Nickolas Latta (C) - Sarnia Sting

If he's moved he's going to Oshawa, he's what they need. To me he's the perfect OA forward. He plays tough, he can be used on any of the top 3 lines, he plays on both special team units. He hits he fights, he's a playoff type performer and being an overage player his options are limited. Look for the Generals to move out Brian Hughes as part of a deal for Latta and likely Matt Hore.

Favorite - Oshawa

Jimmy McDowell (D) - Sarnia Sting
Windsor or Mississauga
McDowell is a decent overage player, he's not going to go to a contending OHL team, but I can see him going to Windsor or Mississauga. Two teams who are top 6 OHL teams with OA spots who are going to need to add a defensemen come the deadline. McDowell is not going to push either team to the point their able to upset there 1st round match up, but he will help the competitive balance of the series.

Steve Janes (LW) - Windsor
Oshawa, Barrie, North Bay, Mississauga, Peterborough[/i

Janes is having some what of a down year this season with just 11 points in 27 games after 36 in 62 games last season. Hes a player with tons of playoff experience and has some goal scoring ability, he projects out to a 3rd line player. If Oshawa can't make sense of any other OA forwards he would't be a horrible 3rd line addition. Although they're are much better out there. Janes is another guy I see going to a playoff team, but one without a real chance to win the title.


Ben Johnson (LW) - Windsor Spitfires
North Bay, Erie, Oshawa, Sudbury, Kingston

Johnson is a 3rd round pick of the New Jersey Devils in 2012. He has 18 points in 22 games this season. Johnson is a real grind it out player with some offensive skill. He reminds me a lot of David Clarkson, he's one of those guys who is suited for playoff hockey. I'm sure numerous playoff contenders would be interested in adding him. For North Bay he'd slot in, in a top 6 role, see PK and PP time. As he would in Oshawa as well. In Erie, Sudbury and Kingston he'd likely play a third line role, with mainly PK time. If any of the last 3 teams acquire him he's gonna add a real dimension to the team that they don't currently have.

Favorite - Kingston

Remy Giftopoulos (C) - Windsor
[i]Oshawa, Barrie

Giftopoulos has attended NHL camp with the New Jersey Devils the last two seasons, and will likely be joining the organization in the AHL or ECHL. He's about a point per game player in the last two years and would be a solid upgrade over Fawcett for Barrie and Hughes for the Generals. If the Generals where able to add a top 6 guys and Giftopoulos as their 3rd line center they immediately become my favorite in the East. He likely won't cost much as there is a limited amount of teams with an OA spot. As a Generals fan if we don't get Latta I'd still love getting Giftopoulos.

Favorite - Oshawa

Ty Bilcke (RW) - Windsor
Oshawa, Mississauga

Bilcke is an enforcer who can play the game. He's 94 born and likely to return as an OA if the team who acquires him will have him back. He and Paxton Leroux of the Kitchener Rangers are the top available "fighters" and with Bilcke being a 94 he has the upside as a team wouldn't have to move out an OA to acquire him. With that being said the 6'3 210lbs Bilcke isn't exactly an offensive force and most teams may not see it necessary to add some of his caliber. Oshawa though could use him, their captain Josh Brown does almost all their fighting, he's way to valuable to be doing that, especially considering the chance he breaks a hand or finger or jaw. Not only does Brown do all their fighting, the Generals are rather young and small up front and tend to get pushed around sometimes, Bilcke would change that. He can play the game which makes him valuable to a team and he is considered an enforcer so don't expect the price tag to be to high. Mississauga is also a younger and smaller team who could use a player of Bilcke's stature. I fully expect him to be a General in the coming weeks and if not he'll likely stay in Windsor, with Mississauga as an outside shot.

Favorite - Oshawa

Slater Koekkoek (D) - Windsor Spitfires
Oshawa, London

He's likely going to London after blocking the trade to Guelph. There has been rumors the Generals are in on him, but at this point I don't see it happening. Everyone knows what Koekkoek brings to the table so there is no need to go into detail about his play. But I will say I would caution teams to throw there stock pile of draft picks at him, as he has been injury prone all his career. In my opinion he's a great player but comes a bit overrated.

Favorite - London

Brady Vail (C) - Windsor
London, Barrie, Kingston, Erie

He's going to London.. but I've recently heard rumors that Erie is on him, this puts pressure on London to acquire him regardless of what it costs, just so Erie cant have him. If Erie acquires Vail, there really isn't much London can do to compete with them in the playoffs. Vail is a 6'1 197lbs 94 born center, drafted by Montreal in the 4th round in 2012. He currently has 31 points in 28 games which is good for 2nd on the Spitfires. Vail is a two-way center with a bit of offense to his game. But his main stock in trade is his defensive play mixed with good hockey intelligence that makes him an effective checking forward.

Favorite - London or Erie


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Re: Possible Landing Spots for "Available" Rentals

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jaycro wrote:Great reading Macker88. Thanks for taking the time!
Good read.. Clearly the Generals are missing some pieces. I can't see a Pete's/Generals trade. I believe Brace will be dealt away. Twoohey must see the need for some pieces for a playoff run. You have to think Kingston and Barrie will be loading up. This team has chemistry but up can't uproot it all for a couple of rentals.

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Re: Possible Landing Spots for "Available" Rentals

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