The New Line Up

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The New Line Up

Post by chupa81 on Fri Jan 10, 2014 5:26 pm

This is what I think it will look like... Any thoughts out there in Gens land!

Dal Colle Laughton Smoskowitz
Smith Casseles Sterk
Dundas Harding Latour
Manchurek/Wallace Mcdade Busch

Brown Petschenig (keep them together have chemistry)
Sullentrop Lepkowski ( shut down pair)
Carlisles Vande Sompel
Kuronen Desrocher

1st PP Unit
Dal Colle Laughton Smoskowitz Cassles Sterk (if they decide to go all forwards)
Dal Colle Laughton Smoskowitz Cassles Vande Sompel (if they don't)

2nd PP Unit
Smith Sterk Latour Carlisle Sullentrop


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