Potential 1st Round Matchups

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Potential 1st Round Matchups

Post by Macker88 on Thu Mar 06, 2014 8:47 pm

Oshawa Vs Mississauga
Sudbury Vs Niagara
Kingston Vs Peterborough
North Bay Vs Barrie

A few things can still change, however it looks like Peterborough is locked into 6th. Mississauga, Niagara & Ottawa will battle for 7,8,9. Kingston should capture 3rd but they got the Generals twice an could drop a few games. Sudbury has a couple point cushion an should stay a head of Barrie & North Bay. Barrie & North Bay could flip in the 4&5 spots but that obviously wouldn't change the round 1 matchup.

Obviously the Barrie Vs North Bay Matchup would be the closest series in round 1. I expect that to go 7 games. It will be interesting to see a highly offensive team take on a real defensive team in north Bay.
Kingston Vs Peterborough has me very interested. Kingston was the early season favourite in the east, but their inexperience an weak goaltending has let them down. Peterborough has been hot in the 2nd half of the year, an although they lack the depth of Kingston, they could be a serious threat in round one. If any team is gonna pull of an upset it will be Peterborough. I expect the series to go 7 games.

Out West.
Guelph vs Plymouth
Soo Sault Marie vs Owen Sound
Erie vs Saginaw
London vs Windsor

The matchups are all but set. London vs Windsor could get really interesting. Windsor despite the sell off has been a top team in the West as their point totals show. They have depth and some stud players. I expect London to win, but it will likely go 6 games.
Guelph should easily sweep their series. As should Erie. Soo Sault Marie is definitely a surprise along the same lines as Oshawa, a team expected to finish low in their conference who ended up dominating. The soo are fairly young, but have some good goaltending, team defense an the clutch goal scoring needed to contend. However Owen Sound has been the Peterborough of the west, really hot in the 2nd half. Now I don't expect an upset but a 7 game series would not shock me.

Round 2 would set up
Oshawa vs Peteborough (if they upset Kingston as I'm prediction)
Sudbury vs Barrie.
No upset would be Oshawa vs Barrie, Subury vs Kingston.

Guelph vs London
Soo vs Erie.

I have Oshawa continuing their dominance over Peteborough an Barrie slipping by Sudbury for an Oshawa vs Barrie East Final

I have Guelph taking out London in 6, an Erie taking out the Soo in 6.

Look for an Oshawa vs Guelph OHL final.

I'm a Gens fan but Guelph in 6


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