Game #2 Vs Petes

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Game #2 Vs Petes

Post by Hayes#21 on Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:39 am

It is game day fans!!! I expect a much better performance from the Petes. They have had a chance to review the tapes from Friday's game, and they will be looking for a series tie, heading back to Peterborough.
Gens need to play hard like they did Friday night, and stay away from the goating. Play hockey. Beat them fair and square.
Has anyone there three buses of Pete's fans again tonight?

Let's make our building loud and hard for the Pete's to play here!

I want to hear more.....GO GENS GO....tonight. Lets show our boys we believe in them! You may annoy your neighbour...but as our famous poster here says" who cares? "!!!!!


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