Can the Gens regain 1 st in the O H L - does it matter

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Can the Gens regain 1 st in the O H L - does it matter

Post by Gens Camper on Sat Mar 07, 2015 1:15 pm

If 1 st overall in the O H L matters then this is a MUST WIN rebound week end

Since Jan 1 2015 - The Soo are 23 - 3 - The Gens are 19 - 8

The Soo are ahead of the Gens now 100 pts - 97 pts - GENS have 2 games in hand

Gens are in Plymouth tonight and Windsor Sun at 2 p m - The Soo are in Owen Sound Sunday total - 6 games left

The Soo have 5 games left after this week end - 1 in North Bay and last 4 at home - Plymouth-Sarnia-Windsor - Kitchener

The Soo could easily run the table and finish with 112 pts

The GENS if they ran off with 8 straight wins would finish with 113 pts and the OHL pts winner

GENS schedule - Plymouth and Windsor then in Ottawa then home to Missy - then last 4 are Kingston , Belleville,Kingston,Belleville

It appears that the GENS do have a much tougher schedule going down the stretch with would make for a much better playoff preparation - Ottawa is very tough and Kingston have beat us 2 many times 2 remember - 2 in Feb - 1 in Jan

The GENS seem to leave me wanting more and play down to the opposition on too many nights - they have a GREAT team - I would
like to see them crush teams more BUT this is not DJ's style

If we win the EAST which will be very tough - you hope Erie and the Soo beat each other up and don't count London out

The East have the GENS as the favourites - very close are Ottawa , Barrie , Niagara ,North Bay , Kingston

That 2 me is the closest the top 6 in the East have been for years

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Re: Can the Gens regain 1 st in the O H L - does it matter

Post by generalsfan on Sun Mar 08, 2015 1:01 am

I think it matters. You have the chance to guarantee that if you make the OHL Championship and the series goes 7, the deciding game to see who goes to the Memorial Cup would be in your building.


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