How good is this current Gens team

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How good is this current Gens team

Post by Gens Camper on Sun Apr 12, 2015 12:29 am

Well the first 5 minutes of game # 1 - Appleby kept them in the game until - the Red machine started to roll

Here is my take on the thoughts of moving on to the next round

In game # 1 - The Red Machine sputtered out of the gate - power play was powerless - did not move the puck fast enough, players

were not moving their legs and were caught flat footed - Then the turbo kicked in on red machine and we dominated like we can - delivered clean hard hits- everyone was moving - then we get up 5 - 1 and ran out of gas and sputtered to the finish line.

The way we were beat last year vs North Bay and now Niagara - they have tremendous breakaway speed and they wait patiently for a defensive breakdown and they skilled are enough - it's in the net.

We must check for 60 minutes and stay out of the box like game 1

On Friday - D J - LIKELY THOUGHT WE played about 40 minutes of GREAT TEAM hockey and about 10 minutes of good hockey and about 10 minutes of uninspired hockey - to move on we need 60 minutes of hard fast disciplined hockey like we can.


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Re: How good is this current Gens team

Post by Hayes#21 on Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:23 am

Finally...some talk about the current series!!! Almost thought we didn't make the playoffs.....with the lack of enthusiasm by our fans!!!

I found game one closer than I would like it to be. We really need to find a way to slow down Ho Sang. Our D and forwards just let him gain our blue line every shift he was on. Great player...needs more attention. He created that beautiful first goal Niagra got, and there were a few more spectacular passes that just missed the sticks of the Dogs players. If any of those had connected, we might be looking at 1-0 lead for the dogs.

We need to keep frustrating the Niagra team. They were the most penalized team in the league for a reason. Let's get them taking more foolish penalties and make them pay..on the Power play. Which I have to agree with Gens camper was very ineffective. (great passing with no quality shots)

Hope is a fragile goalie. I could see his frustration on the ice... Watching the game against Ottawa, and game one here, he is great first save goalie. Gives up a ton of rebounds. We need to capitalize on the rebounds. A little more to the net, less perimeter shots on the logo...and we can find ourselves up for a 2-0 series lead.
Which means the Dogs will be much hungrier going into game three. We need to keep our heads on silly penalties, and get on those rebounds and put them in the net!!
Lets go boys!!! We are here and believe in you!


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Re: How good is this current Gens team

Post by jaycro on Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:03 am

I really like this team but they don't play to their ability at times, either for sections of games or for entire games once in the while (see their record against lesser teams the last two weeks of the schedule). We should win the "east" but as a Gens fan, I still think the Soo will win it all due to their superior goal scoring (based on the playoffs!) Hate to say it, but yeah.


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Re: How good is this current Gens team

Post by oshgens2k2 on Sun Apr 12, 2015 4:11 pm

This team gets no respect on many the sites and tv. This is the best team we have had since 1997. Let's enjoy this Gens fans. Sure the soo can score but they also allow at least 4 goals a game. We really don't allow more than 2-3 goals tops a game. I would rather the defense and goaltending we have then the scoring the soo has. We have enough scoring . I'm happy about the team defense we show. On hf boards they were ripping the fact the west is better than the east again. So what does our record of 18-1-1 mean against the west?


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Re: How good is this current Gens team

Post by mygens on Mon Apr 13, 2015 1:45 am

well i think the gens are starting to play up to their potential , the lapses are shorter and fewer in number

Dal Colle is really starting to take charge , playing both ends of the ice with intensity

talking about intensity or lack thereof i'm really tired of watching Harding get a regular shift when he hasn't earned it , I don't know what his problem is but this is his second full season and he is just not there

I wish DJ would take notice , Harding is totally lost out there , he is not competitive in the least , the great effort being put forth by his teammates , wallace and Turner is being wasted .

Harding is either Lazy or plain scared or maybe both , its obvious he is out of his league and should be replaced by either Manchurek or Huether , both guys give a much more spirited effort .

Harding just does not compete for the puck , gives up on it at every turn

I don't normally call a player out like this , but enough is enough , this time of the season the games are just too meaningful , this is the best shot the gens have had in a very long time , no player should get ice time , that doesn't work for it

the harding experiment has been going on for two years now , i'm tired of hearing he's young or whatever , check out the effort and results we are getting by the rookie cirelli !

we have guys not dressed that would contribute way more !


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Re: How good is this current Gens team

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