The David Branch has it - for the GENS - should be a GONE

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The David Branch has it - for the GENS - should be a GONE

Post by Gens Camper on Mon Jun 08, 2015 12:03 am

Well everyone - Quebec City wanted McDavid - cost them a few sellouts - But thanks to our GENS didn't happen

The chant that the GENS always gets the short end of the stick - re penalties - suspensions etc - not this playoff year

The Erie fans were crying foul - thinking Erie got more penalties and that the GENS got way with murder and should have had more

penalties - Mr Branch and the CHL - no McDavid in Quebec - run over by the BIG RED MACHINE

Do you have any idea how many Branch haters believed that the fix was in just like soccer - Erie would win in 6

Congrats to our GENS for staying disciplined and believing in the goal - WOW -

4 WINS IN Quebec - I'm LOVING IT - This was by far the best OHL team that I can remember

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