Generals Incentive for Corporate Sponser

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Generals Incentive for Corporate Sponser

Post by Gens Camper on Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:31 pm

When I first heard of this $ 30,000 lifetime award to 1 corporate sponser is laughable. What this team needs is a radio agreement.

One of a few teams without play by play of it's team is poor. For a major market team with a solid fan base - and no radio

But the team has $ 30,000 to give away to Pizza Pizza or ????

I was listening to Jerry Howarth play by play for the Toronto Blue Jays today and he was replying to fan calls and the last caller

caught my heart strings - He said I want to thank you Jerry and all of your hosts for not only the way you explain the game BUT

all that you do - Because Jerry I am BLIND and rely on your expertise in calling the game.

There are many shut ins who enjoy the radio - not everyone has internet or rogers - I know my internet does not work in the car.

This money should be awarded to the radio station - just my vent

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