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Post by ag48 on Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:52 pm

i'm sitting here watching the game and wondering what has happened to our Team. They look awful.......can't pass, can't back check, to many odd man rushes for North Bay. I know we have first wrapped up and resting a few players but is this the way to play with playoffs a few days away. Losing this many in a row does not help with confidence and i in my humble opinion they have none right now. Del Colle has been shooting directly at the goaltenders in the past month what happened to the goals he scored by beating the tenders low or high on both sides not trying to put it thru the goalie.

Maybe it's a rope a dope style and they will come out and blow away the competition once the playoffs's hoping.

I hate to sound negative but holy smokes ( can't say what i iike to say don't want to be band from the blog) hehe. Very Happy


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