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Round 1 Opponent

Post by archer_gens on Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:47 pm

Who would you prefer to meet in the first round? Who do you think is the easiest path?

I'm assuming that none of the top 6 sees will fall to 8th, I don't see two of the bottom 4 going on a tear in the last 10 games while a team in the top 6 goes winless.

Odds are we finish 1st so we play 8th. Thats looking to be Ottawa Mississauga or Niagara, possibly Belleville.

I'd prefer we don't play Ottawa, as a fan I don't like going on long road trips, and they can definately tire out the team with long travel. That said if they away games were scheduled back to back and the team spent a weekend in Ottawa then I do like the chance to do some team building during the playoffs (off the ice). Other then that I think this is the worst matchup for us.

Niagara and Belleville are huge rivals and I'd love to see either of these teams, however I think rivals are always much harder to play, not sure why.

So I favor Mississauga. As a fan I can easily get to all the games (home and away). The fish have done nothing since the begining of the year when they were at the top of the conference. From there it helps to have a former player who can provide some insight on the team.


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Re: Round 1 Opponent

Post by Macker88 on Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:46 pm

Mississauga Has 9 games remaining I have them going 1-6-2, good for 4 points
Niagara has 9 games remaining I have them going 2-5-2, good for 6 points
Belleville has 8 games remaining I have them going 0-7-1, good for 1 point
Ottawa has 7 games remaining I have them going 1-6,
good for 2 points.

Mississauga plays Niagara 3 times a couple games could flip flop or go into OT but these 3 games will likely determine the 7th & 8th seeds.

Based on the standings if my predictions end up being correct, Niagara and Mississauga would tie in points an Niagara would hold the tie breaker I believe.

Personally I think both are tougher match ups then we may be thinking. Niagara is very tough to play at home, something about that tiny barn has teams flustered. Throw in a top 6 that is pretty talented and a good young goalie looking to raise his draft stock an we could see a very tough 1st round series. I believe it will go 5 games, all being very close an tough.
If we get Mississauga I feel it's a slightly easier matchup. With that being said Mississauga's defensive style of play has been known to wear teams down and the fact the keep games close, keeps them in every game right til
The end, an all it takes is a luck bounce. They have no home ice advantage which is why I believe we'd sweep them, with the outside shot of it going 5 games. But the games will all be fairly close.


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Re: Round 1 Opponent

Post by generalsfan on Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:54 pm

In case anyone is wondering about tiebreaking procedures, here they are from the OHL website.

If 7th and 8th are tied, the usual tiebreakers would apply. If 9th is tied with 8th on total points, then there would be a 1 game playoff between those 2 teams to see who got the last spot. Number of wins, head to head, etc. can't eliminate you if you're 9th but tied with another team for 8th on points. With how close 7th through 10th is right now in our conference, a sudden death game might be needed for that last playoff spot.

Tiebreaking procedure for all other positions that aren't 8th and 9th tied on points:

1. Highest number of regular season wins
2. Most points from head to head matchups
3. Greatest difference between goals for and against

Here is our record at this point against the teams that are 7th to 10th:

Gens are 2-1 against Mississauga

4-0 loss in Mississauga Oct. 25
5-2 win in Oshawa Oct. 26
3-0 win in Oshawa Feb. 2

Gens are 5-1 against Ottawa

7-1 win in Ottawa Nov. 5
3-2 win in Oshawa Nov. 15
5-2 win in Ottawa Dec. 10
6-3 win in Oshawa Dec. 29
4-1 loss in Ottawa Feb. 1
6-0 win in Oshawa Feb. 14

Gens are 2-0 against Niagara

5-4 win in Oshawa Oct. 27
5-3 win in Niagara Nov. 9

Gens are 5-1 against Belleville

3-2 win in Oshawa Oct. 4
6-5 win in Oshawa Nov. 10
3-2 loss in Belleville Dec. 4
5-2 win in Oshawa Dec. 8
2-0 win in Belleville Jan. 22
4-1 win in Belleville Feb. 22


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Re: Round 1 Opponent

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