Bulls vs Gens =- Friday Mar14 - 7:30 P M

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Bulls vs Gens =- Friday Mar14 - 7:30 P M

Post by Gens Camper on Thu Mar 13, 2014 4:35 pm

Well the BULLS HAVE HAD A great run wins over GENS - Sudbury /PETES - but 2 more wins to get -  GENS and SUDBURY then hope

I can't see the BULLS beating the GENS AND Sudbury twice - can you ???

Well the GENS WILL end the BULLS season on Friday night - you always like to beat a rival even more so the BULLS

It will be FUN to watch - Niagara and Missy with get points this w/end - then the  BULLS and 67,S ARE OUT

The 67,s with 2 big injuries and playing Barrie , Kingston and N / Bay - tough ending

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