We are the underdog - that's a good thing

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We are the underdog - that's a good thing

Post by Gens Camper on Mon May 04, 2015 10:15 pm

Well even though we beat Erie twice this year - it means little as Connor McDavid was not in the line up If Connor did not miss 6 -

weeks for Erie - they likely would have been # 1 overall - what it means is they are a GREAT team and finished just behind us

Since Connor has played for Erie we have never beaten Erie when he has played

The OHL poll has started and many think it will be a short series favouring Erie and few have us winning at all

I am hoping we can get a split at home - schedule is brutal - home ice is only yours if you win on home ice

Back to back on home vs Erie is tough

It is just great to finally be in the final - Go GENS GO

Gens Camper

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Re: We are the underdog - that's a good thing

Post by mygens on Tue May 05, 2015 12:54 pm

not surprised we are the under dogs , even though we finished ahead of erie and have home ice advantage , good position for us to be in

I don't think the Gens are going to let MacDavid freewheel like the Soo did , in my experience watching junior since 1968-69 with the Ramparts and since 1980 with the gens , the team with the star player doesn't always win , in fact doesn't often win !

having said that , I'm very well aware that the powers that be , want MaDavid in the memorial cup , so a lot will depend on the on ice officials , they can screw us big time if they choose to . We will have to stay out of the box as much as we can , one thing Erie has is great power play .

and we have a solid team , and a great goalie !!!

I like our chances !!!!!



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